The galactic cosmic rays also play a role in the global warming

Source: Scientists find evidence cosmic rays influence Earth’s climate

Opinion: Now Mr. Trudeau can tax the cosmos.

For those outside of Canada, a federal carbon tax has been imposed in this country, which raises the price of – already heavily taxed – gasoline (and related energy products and services) for consumers.

To my mind the evidence is sketchy that this extra tax will have any real benefit in reducing global warming, considering Canada is just one relatively small player on the global scene of polluters.

Most people around the world don’t know (or care) too much about Canada. But ironically, many Canadians feel a silly kind of pride by imagining they are “world leaders” in the green movement. Again very few outside of Canada give a hoot about us. And it seems some self-congratulatory Canadians are beginning to realize there is a real price to pay for playing the (mostly imaginary) role of global leaders in environmental issues.

Polls indicate that most Canadians do care about global warming but don’t want to pay more taxes for dubious fixes based on politics, propaganda and incomplete science.