Evidence shows that women perceive and experience corruption differently than men, and that women suffer corruption to a greater extent due to the unequal power relations between men and women

Source: The Link Between Corruption and Gender Inequality: A Heavy Burden for Development and Democracy | Wilson Center


This is just a follow-up to my previous post. We know that corruption and general poverty are two social evils that go hand in hand.

How much does sexism play a role in this societal disease?

This is a question that I’m currently looking into. So far, the results have been pretty grim.

The funny, nay sad, thing about sexism is that the men (and women) who perpetrate it fail to connect the dots and realize that they are the authors of their own misery. No guy who gets off on telling a woman what to do – or by belittling their emotional life – is going to be sincerely happy. And no woman who is locked up in a virtual cage will reach their full potential.

So often husbands hold their wives back out of sheer jealousy and deep-seated insecurity. And many women around the world, well, they are held on such a tight leash that the only choice they have is compliance or total ruin.

Until the shackles of sexism are broken, rank corruption and general poverty will continue to plague many nations.

So look around you. If by chance you are ashamed of your impoverished, thoroughly corrupt country, maybe ask yourselves: How might I be contributing this?