The Sunrise Kid – The Sound of Silence

I’m up very late reconfiguring one of my older computers. It only runs on 32-bit so I can’t really use Chrome. Chromium, yes. But that’s a community project which doesn’t play all media. So I’m back to Firefox, which I haven’t used for ages.

It’s still dark outside and quiet. The city won’t awake for another hour or so.

I thought this tune would be good to listen to. Stumbling upon this first version, I initially assumed it was just a bad rip. But it seems the uploader has purposely filtered the instrumental tracks to emphasize the lyrics.

Listening to those lyrics, I felt that in a way they could be taken in a prophetic sense, foreshadowing how we often interact on the internet. We “like,” we send “emojis,” and we post carefully worded comments. But how often do we FaceTime or Skype? In my case, almost never.

Most of the time we communicate in silence. So are these real or mere fantasy friendships we forge on the web?

I tend to lean toward the former interpretation because often we suppose we know people face-to-face only to learn that they’ve been lying or deceiving us all along.

Physical proximity is no guarantee of genuine relationship.

True, we don’t know a lot about our web friends, their backgrounds, and so on.

But if the vibes are right, I say Go With It!

And if they are bad, well… only a dummy would continue to reinforce someone giving out bad vibes.

Something to think about while listening to this classic tune with lyrics…

And here’s the song properly mixed, with instruments included at their normal volumes:

Bye for now! 🙂

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