Sometimes it’s all too much. Too much. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and let the busy, busy, busyness of the world fall away. Away. Joni wanted to skate away on a frozen river. Huck…

Source: Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac : Albatross | The Immortal Jukebox


Digging into the gold mine of The Immortal Jukebox I found this today. I really liked the words. It’s how I’m feeling as some noisy compressor machine runs outside at about 70 db. Not loud enough to damage your hearing (with the windows closed) but certainly enough to be annoying.

However, as I was saying, the writing at the linked Immortal Jukebox entry spoke to me today. Unfortunately, the video didn’t come up here but I found another one (see my comments there).

After that tune ended, YouTube ran into another video which I also liked for today.

Monday is usually a chill day for me. Let’s hope the neighbor’s noisy work gets done ASAP so I can better enjoy it!