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I can be incredibly slow at some things. I do learn as I go along but sometimes the obvious eludes me.

Take, for instance, the SEARCH function at, which is hosted at Tumblr. I just discovered it the other day—at least, how I could put it to good use.

I have been linking with the SEARCH function here and at Earthpages – Think Free for many years. They are both hosted at WordPress. But for some reason, my mind just didn’t get the Tumblr connection.

My little discovery makes me happy because it solves a problem I have been pondering for quite some time: How to get more current, specialized news stories right here at without spamming my followers in the WordPress Reader?

I mean, I could list dozens of stories some days, without any added “Opinion.” But again, I didn’t want to turn off my followers by posting too much external material, without adding anything myself.

The solution?

One or two links to all the latest news stories, organized by specific topic.

Just check out these two links and you’ll see what I mean:

All the latest about: