Do you ever feel like it’s the same old news, the same old entertainment, the same old…

I awoke early this morning before the dawn and none of my usual pursuits were turning my crank. I was remotely connecting my bedroom computer from the dining room and, hooking up the sound, made a mistake and played some music way too loud for an instant. (It was coming from the dining room computer instead of the bedroom computer, which is usually a lot quieter in remote desktop environments).

These days even moderate volume levels annoy my ears. Seems the older I get the more I seek silence. Or at least, low sound levels. It’s a sensitivity thing.

So after irritating my ears I just shut everything down. Lights too. Then I got some candles out and just quietly meditated in the wee hours before the dawn. It was nice. Reminded me of times I spent at the family cottage before it was electrified.

Not being a total Luddite, after a while I decided I’d try to capture the mood with my phone camera.

click on image for black background
Click on image for black background