This morning going through my news feeds I came across an article posted by a Catholic priest who effectively reiterates what the Pope says about sex and gender.

Counter to this Catholic mythos, we have hands-on data of groups around the world who have not only changed their identification but who have also physically morphed at puberty via a natural process—that is, without surgery or special drugs. There’s a name for this phenomenon (güevedoces), it is well-documented but most critics of transgenderism don’t have a clue.

The French postmodern Michel Foucault noted that like anything else, certain types of social knowledge and ethical norms take precedence over others at various times and places in history. Put simply, some topics and ideas are “hot” while others are not. And tomorrow, it will likely be something else.

Why are sex and gender such hot issues?

Nietzsche continues to inspire, provoke and turn off – via New Yorker

Surely part of it has to do with certain types of people being patronized and oppressed for too long. Folks naturally want to rise up from their oppressors and when the time is right, they tend to do just that.

Even that windbag Friedrich Nietzsche realized this. Nietzsche observed how the so-called master-slave mentality never eradicated the feeling of “ressentiment” among slaves. So when conditions change, the pendulum swings and, of course, slaves try to assert their own Will To Power.

We see this dynamic play out all around the world, amongst so many different types of people who have just put with too much crap for far too long.

The old guard resists change

Another related reason sex and gender are “hot” in the 21st century is that talking about it is relatively new. The proverbial ‘old guard’ almost always resists change. By way of example, I’m thinking of Jodie Whittaker taking on the role of Dr. Who in the classic BBC Sci-Fi series. Dr. Who is an alien Time Lord who periodically regenerates. Some welcomed a woman Doctor (they had all previously been male) but a vocal minority just couldn’t wrap their heads around it. The Doctor had to be a man, simple as that.

For me, Whittaker is an amazing Doctor on a par with my other favorite, William Hartnell

Sound familiar?

The same kind of crummy, backward thinking persists today in the Catholic Church, which continues to insist that only men may be priests, and with the weakest of justifications for that position.*

We’re not gonna take it
We’re not gonna take it
We’re not gonna take it
We’re not gonna take it
We’re not gonna take it
Never did and never will
We’re not gonna take it
Gonna break it
Gonna shake it
Let’s forget it better still

* Let’s talk about that in the comments area if anyone wishes to.