From 2001 to 2021 – Space goes from fiction to fact but science itself is still open to debate

The film 2001: A Space Odyssey was released in 1968, over a year before the USA’s “Eagle” landed on the lunar surface

The first part of my title here is pretty clear. The film 2001‘s lunar landing, before the astronauts head out to Jupiter, is fiction in 1968, the date when the classic sci-fi epic was released. Today, we’ve been to the moon and sent probes to many planets.

But why do I say science itself is still open to debate?

Well, last night I was watching Don Lemon on CNN and I couldn’t believe the incredibly stupid thing he said. He was talking to Chris Cuomo who probably knows better – he is a lawyer, after all – but nodded anyhow. They’re friends. Gotta keep it nice and simple on live TV, I suppose.

Lemon was dissing those who don’t want to get a vaccine by claiming that science is not political but just a simple fact.

These guys and gals are now orbiting the Earth in an historic all-civilian flight by SpaceX


Science is not political?

Lemon continued by saying that 2 + 2 = 4, there’s no debate, therefore science is not political but fact.

And he said this with a straight face and utter conviction.

Is this guy a moron or just pretending to be as part of his stage act?

I’m not sure but anyone who thinks should immediately realize how childish Lemon’s statements were last night.

There are so many ways to refute his claim that I won’t even waste my time and energy here. The average Earthpages reader will understand that science has been critiqued on many levels—theological, philosophic, sociological, and psychological.

Interested readers can follow up through the comments area. But as I say, I only have time and desire to point out the idiocy passed off as “news” on CNN last night.

Let me just close with a quote from Wikipedia about what some see as the dangers of confusing math with science:

Several authors consider that mathematics is not a science because it does not rely on empirical evidence.

What are you thinking?

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