The public mask mandate has more or less been lifted in Ontario, Canada. Health officials said they expected documented case numbers to rise and that they have.

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It’s a strange shift from ultra paranoia to reckless, gay abandon on the part of some ‘scientifically informed’ officials. Sure, we learn as we go along. And doctors and politicians are just people too. But hopefully, this entire arc over the past 26 months demonstrates what I have been saying for over 36 years:

Science is a human enterprise.

And I’m not talking about Star Trek. I’m talking about the business of human beings, with all their biases and flaws,  actually doing science.

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As I wrote back at the U as far back as the 1980s, this human factor also applies to psychology. When first realizing this, I quickly shifted my undergraduate major from psychology to sociology. As my academic counselor said at the time, “You are far too smart to major in psychology!”


She was right. Although I never lost interest. So even though I veered off into religion, philosophy, and anything that caught my attention, I never really stopped being a psychologist at heart.

But my view of psychology has evolved to include insights from other disciplines, experiences, and hands-on observations.

Stopping to think about something – be it a scientific, religious, or political truth claim – is not necessarily dismissing that alleged reality.

Quiet! – Marcelo Rampazzo

It’s just…

Thinking about it.