Yes, folks, the summer is winding down. In Canada, we have a long weekend and then Tuesday things go back to normal… err the new normal.

Beauty and the Bug

Not having a cottage anymore means I don’t have to stand out on the rocks, wresting with a block and tackle, pulling up boats out of the water. In some ways losing things can be okay. And it always comes back in some new form, anyhow.

Hmm. Come to think of it, maybe we did the boats on Thanksgiving weekend. Oh well, the memories blur.

Speaking of blurred memories, here’s a TV show that came out in 1969 when I was 7 years old. I do recall the intro and ending, and most of the characters. But plotlines, they’re all pretty new to me now.

I’m really enjoying Room 222. The guy behind it also did The Mary Tyler Moore ShowTaxiThe Simpsons, Terms of Endearment and one gets the feeling that Room 222 is a kind of warmup for even greater things to come.

As someone wrote at YouTube, Room 222 just goes to show how ahead of the game the USA was in terms of promoting multiculturalism.


How were other countries doing on that front back then? And how do some continue to fall behind today?

In Canada, I have come to realize that our national identity is not about what country we or our ancestors came from but rather, what we believe in. The idea is paramount, not our genetic markers. However, some arguably backward places are still locked into the notion that heredity is equivalent to culture.

Miss McIntyre

That’s sad and certainly not the way the world is going.