The Lorelei – Review

Title: The Lorelei Genre: Action/Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Drama Production: Onview Films Directors/Writers: Mol Smith Stars:  Kemal Yildirim, Lorie-Lanie Shanks, Sophie Townsend » See full cast & crew at IMDB This is your shadow on my wall ~ “I Have Not Been to Oxford Town” by Bowie/Eno from Outside The legendary Lorelei is a dark enchantress who lures fisherman and sailors to their… Read More The Lorelei – Review

Abduction (2017) – Review

Title: Abduction Genre: Science Fiction, Parody, Comedy, Horror, Cult Production: Onview Films Directors/Writers: Maurice Smith, Mol Smith Stars: Karolina Antosik, Tessa McGinn, Kemal Yildirim (…full cast and crew at IMDB) Abduction is a clever romp into the unknown realms of alien abduction, sexuality, violence and interdimensional rivalry. Essentially a spoof, I couldn’t help get the feeling that, underneath all the camp,… Read More Abduction (2017) – Review

Review – Secrets: The Director’s Cut (DVD)

Title: Secrets: The Director’s Cut Genre: Drama Language: English Production Company: Knight Productions Last November I reviewed Kemal Yildirim’s film, Secrets (review is here). Now, with The Director’s Cut I’ve been scratching my head over what to say. The two movies are strangely similar but somehow miles apart. The closest analogy I can come up… Read More Review – Secrets: The Director’s Cut (DVD)

Review – Shades of a Killer (DVD)

Title: Shades of a Killer Production: Knight Productions Genre: Drama, Action, Neo-noir Some say that if the German poet Goethe had written in English he’d be a serious contender for the crown of “Greatest Writer Ever,” which many believe Shakespeare wears in literary heaven. Goethe’s lasting masterpiece, still talked about by scholars and art lovers… Read More Review – Shades of a Killer (DVD)