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Abduction (2017) – Review

Title: Abduction Genre: Science Fiction, Parody, Comedy, Horror, Cult Production: Onview Films Directors/Writers: Maurice Smith, Mol Smith Stars: Karolina Antosik, Tessa McGinn, Kemal Yildirim (…full cast and crew at IMDB) Abduction is a clever romp into the unknown realms of alien abduction, sexuality, violence and interdimensional … Continue reading

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Review – Tales of the Dead (DVD)

Title: Tales of the Dead! Genre: Horror, Fantasy Distribution: Reality Entertainment Originally posted 2010/09/08 Just in time for Halloween. Tales of the Dead is a vivid introduction to the realm of horror as envisioned by the independent UK filmmaker, Kemal … Continue reading

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Review – Secrets: The Director’s Cut (DVD)

Title: Secrets: The Director’s Cut Genre: Drama Language: English Production Company: Knight Productions Last November I reviewed Kemal Yildirim’s film, Secrets (review is here). Now, with The Director’s Cut I’ve been scratching my head over what to say. The two … Continue reading